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Sometimes you and your partner will need to go on a romantic trip to stay away from the daily stress, whether it is caused by work, home or children’s requirements. 

Planning a romantic trip away from the city will give you a chance to take a break from your responsibilities, and bring you and your partner closer. By choosing the right place, planning fun activities, and finding small ways to add romance to the whole process, you will be able to organize a romantic and memorable getaway.

Choose The Best Place To Spend Your Time

  • Set your budget:

Determine how much you can spend on this romantic trip by creating a travel budget. This step will help you decide whether you have to drive somewhere far away for hours, or you can travel on a plane to another country. In case your budget is quite small and you don’t own a car, you can rent one for several days, it will be cheaper in terms of traveling for two people, especially if you choose a fuel-efficient transportation. Make some research before taking a decision, then choose the most suitable transport facility for both of you.

  • Find places near you:

If you are planning a romantic weekend getaway, it’s best to pick a place nearby so you can reach it in a few hours and make the most of your time. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time on the road, rather than exploiting it. Start searching online for romantic places near you; this may help you find many places to spend your trip and choose between them. If you want to relax on the beach while living far away from the sea, the search engines will help you find places with artificial lakes and beaches. If you want to hike, it will show you the green terrains and the mountains near your location.

  • Search in different websites for the best deal

Many travel sites offer discounts on airline tickets and hotel prices. some even include meals and various activities that can be done on a romantic trip. Just be sure to read through these deals to make sure you know everything that is included, and whether you can get your money back if your plan changes. Compare multiple Websites, and make sure you go through all the offers before you make your choice.

  • Cruises

Cruises are a very convenient getaway for a romantic, pleasant, relaxing and quiet trip at the same time. It is available worldwide. The only thing to worry about is the fact that it might be a little bit expensive, but many cruise companies offer special deals at the last minute, in order to fill empty rooms. So if are willing to make some spontaneous choices, this budget-friendly option might be your best choice.

Book a nice place to stay

Search for hotels near the desired destination for your romantic trip. Try calling to see if they have any private rooms “often called honeymoon suites” available during your stay. If you don’t have a car, make sure the place you stay at offers easy access to public transport. 

You can also search for local accommodations, you will probably find an entire apartment or house at a similar price or even lower than the hotel room. Some hosts will also make recommendations on their favorite local places to eat or shop.

Choose The Best Activities To Do

  • Find romantic restaurants

Search online for romantic restaurants near your stay during the romantic trip. You can search for places with water or mountain views or try to find bars with special kiosks or fireplaces. Also, consider foods that allow you and your partner to stay close to each other and share dishes.

  • Go out for a Pic-Nic

During your romantic trip, going out shouldn’t be associated with high expenses. You may go out with your partner to a park, or along the beach, put a towel, sit and eat together. It is also possible to eat in a popular restaurant or a small cafe; after all what’s more important is for you two to be together.

  • Find a couple spa

For a more relaxing and comforting romantic journey, you can book a spa appointment for you and your partner and get a chance to heal your bodies and souls. If the hotel you are staying at does not have a spa, you can ask the staff for the nearest famous resort that can be recommended.

  • Prepare an adventure

The adventure adds some beautiful and unforgettable memories to the romantic journey. Something like, mountain climbing, horseback riding, hot air balloon riding, diving, or windsurfing. Just  choose anything that can excite you both, even if it seems scary, doing it together is a good opportunity to make some happy memories.

Make A Flawless Plan

  • Plan the romantic trip together

Make sure to ask your partner what he/she wants to do on a romantic trip, and the places he/she wants to visit. Because if you try to plan everything on your own, you may be surprised that your partner does not enjoy your choices the way you expected he/she would, which might make you frustrated, and change the mood of the whole journey. So make sure your plan attracts your partner as much as it attracts you.

  • Luggage packaging

For the romantic trip, pack the clothes that makes you look attractive the most, such as outfits, underwear and evening dresses, make sure to pack swimwear as well. Also bring sunscreen and mosquito repellent, because sunburn and insect bites will stop you from achieving the desired romantic atmosphere.

  • Include “a quiet time together” in your plan

Do not fill all your time with activities during the romantic trip, without leaving a good time to rest. The aim of the trip is to enjoy the company of each other. Take advantage of the quiet moments such as time at the hotel, overnight, or during breakfast, it is as important as the time you spend out doing activities.

  • No Devices allowed

While being on a romantic trip, take a break from texting, phone calls, and answering emails. When you take photos, wait until you go home and post them on social media. You’ve taken this trip together to get some time away from everything else, so take advantage of this opportunity to stay away from electronics and live the moment.

  • Avoid crowded places

Some of the most famous places in the world are not really as romantic as they appear in pictures and movies. As many tourists head to the same places, you will have to wait in a long line to enter a famous museum, or visit a known monument. And although these places are really worth visiting, they are not suitable for couples looking for a romantic time together, away from the long waiting and high entrance fees. If you want a more personal and private experience with your partner, look for less known museums and attractions, or plan a visit in a quiet season such as school and university times.

  • Put a surprise gift in your partner’s suitcase.

An easy way to start the romantic atmosphere in your romantic trip, is to put a small gift in your partner’s suitcase, so he/she would find it while unpacking. Most recommended items are things such as guidebooks, chocolate, new jacket, or a novel by his/her favorite author.


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