Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Solo Trip

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There are some travelers who prefer to go on a solo trip and find their own purpose and comfort, while some find the idea somehow scary, and others may find it boring, but if you simply do not know someone who wants to visit the same country as you, then traveling alone will be your way to the new destination. In the next article, we will provide you with some tips and tricks that will help make you plan your next solo trip.

  • For Your First Solo Trip Choose A Destination Where You Feel Safe

There are hundreds of great options for your first solo trip; from a beachfront destination between the gentle breeze and the charming turquoise waters, or a faraway country you want to discover, but in general, make sure to choose a place where you feel safe. For women, solo travel can be difficult in certain destinations (some cities in India and Africa often top these lists), so it’s better to research the best destinations for a single traveler first, and settle on a site that appears to be optimal, as cities like Paris, Tokyo and San Francisco.

Before choosing a destination, search for the level of safety in it and the crime rate, and its classifications among the safest and friendliest countries in the world for travelers. This matter will help you a lot in determining the best option for you. And determine the appropriate time to travel accordingly.

We always recommend you to follow the instructions for national parks in any of the various destinations of the world, it will help keep you safe.

  • Obtain All The Necessary Visas And Vaccinations For Your Solo Trip

Many destinations do not require visas for trips of less than 90 days or six months, but you have to search the website of your country or the destination country to know all the requirements. Traveling to some countries may require specific vaccinations, for example visitors going to Costa Rica must obtain a yellow fever vaccine if they arrive from certain countries in South America or Africa, so requirements differ from one destination to another.

  • Finding A Popular Place To Stay During Your Solo Trip With A Positive Feedback

Whether you want to stay in a luxury hotel or a budget friendly hostel, know that it will play a great role in providing comfort to you in the new destination. Although we recommend that you pre-book your where-to-stay, travelers who move between cities may want to leave some room for changes or delays at the last minute. At least, book somewhere on the day of arrival so that you don’t have to worry about where to sleep on your 1st night, and it’s best for you to arrive at the new destination during the daylight, so that you don’t have to worry about transportation.

Moreover, choose an option to stay centrally in a safe neighborhood that has a positive rating on the internet, as well as a large number of positive user reviews on booking websites.

  • Find Out If Friends Or Family Know A Resident Of The Country You Are Visiting

One of the biggest perks about traveling and discovering new places on your own is being able to plan it all the way you want, but that doesn’t mean you have to be alone all the time, like if you want advice on what to do and see or just want to have dinner with someone, you would definitely prefer getting to know a local, and there are several ways to do this; ask friends and family if they know anyone who from that country, or search the cities on Facebook and see if there is anyone you are friends with living there.

  • Make Your Plans Flexible For A Better Solo Trip

There is no need to schedule every hour of your day abroad, just include the tourist attractions that you want to see and the restaurants you want to eat at, then get a list of the least important places that you can visit if time permits, and indeed meeting the locals will add some sites to your must-see places list, as well as remove some places which they would advise you to skip, so a flexible schedule will help you with that.

  • Send Itinerary And Documents About Your Solo Trip To Someone At Home

To ease your parents fear, send a copy of your solo trip information, itinerary, hotel confirmations, passports, and other forms of identity to your parents or a friend, or both. In addition, it is always wise to have all of these documents in your email and phone. It’s always best for someone to know where you are when traveling alone, as they may be of help if you lose your phone or wallet in another country.

Create a folder in your email dedicated to your solo trip with all the travel and hotel confirmations, as well as a folder with attachments of your various forms of identity.

  • Only Pack Essentials During Your Trip

Packing a lot will make you feel uncomfortable and may also cost you some money, as most airlines now charge fees for excess weight, try to be realistic about what you need from clothing and others, so you don’t need to bring several pairs of shoes or multiple jeans or all of your hair and skin care products, limit yourself to one bag, and it is even better if it’s a large backpack so that you can move easily around the streets and that your hands would free during the trip

Now you should be ready for your solo trip.

We Wish You An Unforgettable Trip, Traveler’s Plan Team


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